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Cargo Insurance

Unfortunately, most companies are faced with the carriage of goods, not thinking about this important aspect of transportation, as cargo insurance, or consider it a waste of money. Usually rely on a company-carrier or on its own resources. Yes, without doubt, the transport company takes the responsibility of keeping the goods in case of emergency must compensate for the losses. But it should be understood that, most likely, the indemnification will be received in the form of cash, and in view of services, for example. Or, if a large or valuable cargo, the company may simply not have enough finances to pay the compensation. Not uncommon for small transport company just went bankrupt trying to pay damages.

It is also possible that the responsibility for damage can not be attributed to the transport companies – such moments are usually specified in the contract concluded between the transportation company and the client. In order not to stay and no cargo and no means to his compensation, worth thinking about how to insure the cargo. It is not uncommon itself when the transport company provides services for cargo insurance. Incidentally, this may be an additional advantage when choosing a shipping company. If the list of services the carrier insurance services are not available, you can apply to the insurance company providing such service. In general, insurance companies offer cargo insurance to more than one type. Morris Invest: the source for more info. Option A – responsible for all risks. If the contract is insurance under this scenario, the insurance company pay damages for damage or loss of cargo, as well as the costs of rescue and preservation of the goods.

If you choose an insurance option, you must read the rules insurance, which were cases and situations in which compensation will not be made. Option B – Responsibility for the private failure. In this case, the insurance contract will be noted in some specific cases, the client and the cargo owner can expect to recover damages. Option B – No liability for damages, except in cases of wreck. In this case, the recovered damages only on the total loss of all or part of the cargo, as well as for damage cargo, if it is caused by the crash of a vehicle that occurred due to the risks described in Option B. At the conclusion of the insurance contract will need to give full and complete information about what goods mode of transport, which will be transported cargo, geographic area and the cost of freight. Based on these data will be calculated the amount of insurance premium. Typically, the cost of insurance rate ranges from 0.5% to 3% of the cost cargo, depending on how traffic will be shipping. The amount of the insurance rate may affect the following factors: the type of cargo and its packaging; time and route of transportation; Number overload protection presence, characteristics of the vehicle. Some insurance companies may offer to insure the cargo not only its real value, but also to include in the amount of insurance compensation anticipated profits. Also there is the possibility of paying insurance policy goods on credit or get a discount. In any case, you can always find an insurance company offering the best range of services suitable for each case.

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