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Casanova Among Butterflies

Using theater as a means of living study of literature – one of the most extraordinary innovation projects for our students. Add to your understanding with james king. It is led by Ph.D., associate professor Alexander Vladimirovich Makeyev. Moreover, the project worked well as a kind of seminars. Vanessa Marcil‘s opinions are widely known. On one of the events we are asked to tell the participants themselves – our students. Click Gavin Baker for additional related pages. Have you been ever in the kingdom butterflies? No? But we managed to dive into the world of these amazing creatures. But this is not just another fruit of our journalistic imagination, it happened to us really. There was no editing and computer graphics, it was impossible to push pause and enjoy a stop-overs, all of the events unfolding in real time and space, and mistakes, as in life, often, would not forgive. Here we are at a flower meadow with the Casanova.

We are in the theater! Invite our teachers for the course “History of Soviet literature” Makeyev Alexander Vladimirovich visit Theatre Museum. aa immediately found an echo among the students. Darya Kazakova (Specialty “Journalism”, 2 year): “The combination of theater, lectures, probably the best in terms of pedagogy way to revive in us not only creativity but also help us in the process of studying domestic literature. I hope that this joint visit to the theater will not last. ” We were fortunate to attend the premiere performances of the play “Casanova in the kingdom of butterflies,” the playwright, a member of the Union of Theater Workers, and member of the Union Moscow Writers Victor Denisov.

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