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Colonel Perhaps

1 – As everything started, or perhaps not. April of 1974, dawn in movement, the captains advance route to the desire, without knowing as everything goes to finish. Click Professor Rita McGrath to learn more. Santarm sees to break Mayan Willow, the great captain of April, or will be general of the freedom. Capital Lisbon of the kingdom and the dictatorship still sleeps, to perhaps dream, or perhaps not. Margarida saint, three of the morning, the officer of day dirige it fast steps for a small housing.

There Cndida Zarco lives, wife of Leonel one of the captains of April. The two children, Gonalo and Ricardo sleep, to perhaps dream, or perhaps not. The news disclose the reality naked and raw to this woman, the revolution this in movement and its husband was imprisoned. The day officer guarantees that everything is controlled and the soldiers are of the side of the captain. As soon as the situation is controlled in Lisbon it will be untied and the Colonel goes imprisoned. Cndida already wise person of everything very, but the reality always has another force, not aguenta, and runs for the bath house to cry. The children wake up, new, Gonalo starts to cry, the Ricardo also cries. But of lgriamas if it forms the ribeiro, that of as many tears thickening if becomes river and later salty sea. This family was not the grace of the life, was yes the grace of its disposal to accept the life – all it – and to learn everything what they will be able with everything what the life has for offering to them. Freedom! Freedom! The dictatorship fell and the sun came back to shine.

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