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CPD For Dummies

What is cpd? Abbreviation: cpd probably known to almost everyone, and firmly established in the lives of those who started the repair or construction. Yet, for those who are not experienced with it and for whom this is simply a collection of letters give a definition. Thus, particle board, it also Chipboard, a building material produced by hot pressing of wood chips and wood chips, using a urea-or phenol-formaldehyde resin as a binder element under high pressure and temperature. It sounds pretty tricky. In fact, it's much easier.

Remaining after all sorts of wood shavings, wood chips and other wood waste mixed with a sticky substance, pressed. And voila! Plate, which has properties similar to wood, ready! Note: Incidentally, if you suddenly somewhere instead of abbreviations particleboard particleboard find, do not panic. This is the same Chipboard. Just exactly it is labeled in textbooks timber and furniture industries, as well as in regulatory documents. Yes, and serious organizations and businesses rely on it is this designation. Properties of particleboard main property of cpd, especially is its relatively low cost and the possibility of quick and easy handling.

Operating similar properties adi depend mainly on its density, shape and size of wood particles, as well as the quantity and quality binder. There are plates with very small, small, medium and high density. In addition, the distinguished panels of one-, three-and five-layer. Particleboard is not recommended for use in humid rooms, such rooms should be used only hydrophobic (ie, covered with a special water-repellent composition) or lined plate.

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