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Dangers of UV Rays

The World Health Organization states that ultraviolet radiation are the eyes behind glasses inadequate, coupled with the deterioration of the atmospheric ozone layer, in the coming years will cause a large increase in cataracts, in turn triggering factor of 17 5 million cases of blindness annually and other abnormalities related to vision and eye health. The glasses are given with the purchase of a magazine, acquired late in a street vendor on the boardwalk or the market, in shops “all at a euro” or Chinese bazaars are sunglasses that our eyes deserve. Health experts recommend that, as we have incorporated the use of sunscreen in our daily routine of sunny days, it’s time to pay more attention to our eyes. Neither the price nor the capricious dictates of fashion should be the fundamental criteria to consider when choosing and buying sunglasses. We will view it. Ultraviolet radiation (UV), the most harmful and ever present (found in the atmosphere, even with cloudy weather), are responsible for premature aging of the eye, the alterations in the cornea and conjunctiva damage. The infrared rays cause the sensation of heat, while they burn. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gavin Baker. The eye, aqueous composition, absorbing infrared with the risk of overheating the cornea and reaches to burn. And finally, visible radiation means the amount of natural light that we perceive and that without adequate protection can damage the retina. The fundamental difference between a pair of sunglasses without proper approval and those that do have is that the first filter only visible rays, and ultraviolet radiation.

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