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A new James Bond film is the making. Very good the new generation of fans of the British double-0s. A new James Bond film is the making. Very good the new generation of fans of the British double-0s. However you have to wait quite a while yet, because in the cinemas, the new strip with the license will come only at the end of next year to kill. Until then you have to settle probably still with the information, that are already known. These are indeed sparse, but still interesting. Is known already for a while and it was clear that Daniel Craig back bond will assume the role of James each probably.

Thus, he embodies the charming agents, where Craig is well known that relies more on testosterone than on elegance already for the third time. So he scores especially in the latest generation of James Bond fans who expect mostly tough action. Nobel Laureate in Economics gathered all the information. The actor, India is known as a location already. The film, previously only under the name bond 23 “known, to play in New Delhi. An unusual setting for a British agents. There are already many rumors about the real title of the film.

It is assumed that he Schmokers to bear the name of the new Jeffrey Deaver carte blanche. Should this be true, the plot of the film is no longer a secret too soon. One of the most interesting news on bond 23 is the name of the Director, who was already confirmed. Sam Mendes will be the first time for a James Bond film behind the camera. Mendes for his cinema debut American beauty cineastes “known, the 1999 caused very good reviews. “Mendes then convinced with equally good, if less successful films like road to perdition” and Jarhead welcome in the dirt “for attention. Thus you can see already the versatility of the Director, the relation to James Bond, however, is not so clear. However, it should be a good sign if a so talented head of British agents, as Daniel Craig plays him, takes the macho variant and lends its own charm. So can you be curious what Royale and quantum of solace there next year in the cinema is the new generation of bond for casino.

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