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Dog Breeds

Dog – The first animal tamed by man in ancient times. For many centuries it is a permanent companion and loyal friend a person at work, in war and in sport. Thanks to the close proximity to man dog was subjected to much greater changes than other pets. He has completely disappeared traits of wild hschnika and appeared not only obedience, but also an exceptional devotion to his master. Under the influence of enriched human higher nervous activity of dogs, improved function of various organs, have evolved the capacity for training the complex and varied use. The term breed – is well known. Breed are large groups of animals (in this case dogs) that have a common origin.

Animals of one breed characterized by common genetic basis, which promotes the formation of the so-called 'standard'. Any breed will never remain unchanged in its forms and features and continuously improved under the influence of man. Therefore, the notion of 'standard' should not be approached formally. You can not look at dogs the same Breed absolute similarity and reject those features and characteristics that distinguish individuals or whole groups of animals. However, this idea requires a reservation. Refers to those attributes and characteristics that do not violate viability and productivity of animals, are not strangers (mistimed) of this breed, and formed by any specific conditions (feeding, climate, use, etc.). Must be considered mandatory to has always been there a number of rock types that differ by some useful features. This property – the formation of different types, or "plasticity" breed – one of the valuable qualities: it provides for correctly screening and selection of further improving the breed.

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