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Easter Eggs

How to make your hands beautiful little piece of newspaper to celebrate Easter. Celebrate Easter. Put on the table. Break one's fast! There are different ways to look at Easter, this church celebration and ritual, humane and human. The celebration of Orthodox Easter – a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, expressing the resurrection of all nature, all life. In Russia the Christian Easter merged with the pagan spring festival of ancient Slavs, who were asked their gods for an abundant harvest, a good offspring, cattle, successes in economic affairs and domestic needs. On the day of Easter, 'the sun is going up, dancing for joy' and 'the sun is going up, dancing for joy! " On open air dance, circle dances, undertaken a game, the first 'burners'.

After the games, competing in agility, they struggled. Easter dishes consisted of krashonok, colored eggs, cottage cheese product that resembles 'cheese Pascu' cakes, meat, chicken or pig. Served vodka, fermented honey on hops. Enough history. Suggest itself to make a holiday festive light.

Impress guests to please his family. Not only to paint eggs, bake cakes, cook Pasco, clean apartment. Want something 'sort of' . Offers a quick and beautiful dish to make for Easter eggs.

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