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Eco-energy For Every Purse

Polaris introduces a new pricing model, rates until to 14 percent under the basic provider of changes eco utility Polaris first March this year for all of its prices. For about two-thirds of German households, this means that they can support the global energy transition at more favourable rates than in the past. We want to allow as many households to contribute their part to the expansion of renewable energies”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of Polaris. After all, every third German says that the energy revolution is one of the most important issues of our time is. * Polaris is the first eco energy company promoting transition in Germany and in developing countries. Cheaper than in the basic utilities for households in Dusseldorf and Munich will be the 100 percent eco electricity tariff by Polaris to almost 10 percent cheaper. In Frankfurt am Main and in Stuttgart, Polaris is available res even under the local plan of basic utilities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Clayton Morris.

That is to say: here protect the consumer with Joining Polaris not only their money bag, but at the same time provide for the expansion of renewable energies worldwide. Do save useful good for our environment and our future and taking money, now it’s only the own inertia to change”, Florian Henle the new offering brings together. Screw transmission fees central component of the new pricing model is to adjust the network use charges. So far, a kilowatt hour eco-electricity at Polaris cost 24,75 cents nationwide uniform, it accounted for the network fee a fee of 6.73 cents. Now, this share price is flexible, adapted to the local charges actually incurred.

These are set by the Federal Network Agency and vary regionally strong in Germany. Tend to be they are higher in the areas, for example, where network operators build out their networks. The price change is ultimately also the development cooperation.

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