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Duration of treatment depends on the type of paint to be removed and the term of limitation. The degree of softening coverage periodically check a metal spatula. After a complete softening and peeling of the old coating should be removed from the surface with a spatula and carefully wipe clean surface. If necessary, repeat the process. Work carried out at an ambient temperature of 10-30 C. In the case of freezing wash in a bottle it should be stand at room temperature until complete thawing of the product. After thawing remover completely retains its washing away the property. Must avoid contact with the washing of plastic and rubber detaley.Sostav AFL-1.

Designed for removing old oil and nitrocellulose lacquer coatings. After loosening or swelling of the old paint it is removed with a brush or spatula, then the surface rub the volatile solvent. Application: brush, brush. Vivaclean (Vivaklin). Alkaline cleaner interior and exterior surfaces before painting. Contains no solvents. Can be used to clean the previously painted surfaces from dirt (including grease, oil, wax). After cleaning, painted before surfaces become smooth and matte.

Suitable for cleaning walls, floors, furniture, doors, windows, tiles, etc. Solvent – voda.Maalipesu. Alkaline composition for the pretreatment, the surface. Rapidone (Repidan). Jelly is washed with water for removing old paint from wood, metal, stone or glass surfaces. Not suitable for cleaning plastic and other synthetic materials. Brush or brush. After peeling paint removed by a metal spatula, then the surface washed with warm water and a sponge or spray. Solvent – voda.Sostav SP-7. Serves to remove old paint, enamels, IL-515, ML-165, AK-194, MC-17 and putty EP-0010, and the old complex coating consisting of Electrophoresis-term priming of B-KF-093, synthetic enamels type ML-12, ML-197, an epoxy primer EP-0228. After loosening or swelling of the old paint it is removed with a brush or spatula. Bears .Sostav SP-6. Designed to remove ferrous metals from the surfaces of old paint coatings based on glyptal, pentaphthalic, acrylic, epoxy, melamine-formaldehyde and other resins both cold and hot dryer. After loosening or swelling of the old paint it is removed with a wire brush or spatula, then wipe the surface of the volatile solvent.

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