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In this article I would like not much to talk about what still is an exclusive architectural design. It would seem, not necessarily by booking a studio interior design copyright of the design project, to ask whether it will exclusive, since it is implied in the order on the author's design. But here I would like to step back a little and ask whether you have seen at least once in selling ready-made design projects? If not, then lost several minutes in one Internet search engines to find them on sale does not cause labor. Though mind you, they all copyrights, and were not created by machine or a modern program, specifically by some designer. But that's only the exclusivity already in them No, because this design project is an apartment or cottage design project was not sold to one person, and, therefore, to him it was repairing and finishing facilities are not in one place. Perhaps then the question arises, how can apply the same design project to two different rooms with different sizes and the meter.

It's very simple. The fact that the change in the draft figures much easier than to redo the entire design, including a sweep of the ceilings, layout of the tiles and decorations myself. In fact, all ready to fit specific sizes, but none as not selected again, and with new ideas. So just the author's interior design will be different from the exclusive copyright design. Therefore, ordering the project, do not forget to specify this seemingly small nuance. As for our company and our architectural design offices, we simply do not deal with such activity as sale of finished design projects. Our focus on the exclusive approach. Our target customer is solvent audience that does not need stamps, and to quality, comfort and exclusivity, and by the way, the level of Each of the above, we are watching is not the first year.

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