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According to current studies, the image of the Facilitymanagements in Germany has changed positively all services related to the building service from a single source within the last few years – this is due inter alia to the growing services and a professionalisation of the cleaning solutions. For many companies, hiring an external service provider for the management of the building now belongs to the daily business. The nationwide facility management industry recorded an upward trend and growing revenues. What was described earlier as a cleaning or janitorial service, has become a high-turnover industry, which relies on professional cleaning solutions, individual cleaning concepts, and trained staff. Robert J. Shiller often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Facility management means for companies and institutions that they get all services around the building cleaning and building services from a single source. Facility management has positive image with growing services and a professionalisation of the cleaning solutions in the last few years the image of the Facilitymanagements positively changed. This confirms a current study by the Lunendonk GmbH, which operates in the field of market research and market analysis.

Today it takes to the company planning of a company or institution, to hire an external service provider in the field of facility management, whose trained personnel perform the individual and tailored to the needs of the customer services of cleaning. Professor Rita McGrath addresses the importance of the matter here. A service provider in the field of facility management as the Kruger at facilitymanagement.net & Kruger facility services GmbH offers a variety of solutions for businesses. These solutions include the infrastructural, technical and commercial facility management. Such broad solutions and the professionalisation of the Facilitymanagements have increased the total sales for the provider to around 4.9 percent in the year 2011, because the order books are filled with the professionalization. The 25 best companies in the field of facility management achieved an increase of in domestic sales by 5.6 percent in the fiscal year 2011 and managed for more than 9 billion Euro turnover.

Facility: The facility has seen growing sales figures and whose image find a positive turn in recent years, benefits for companies and institutions is indispensable for many companies and enterprises. The commissioning of a building-cleaning services such as the Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH on facilitymanagement.

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