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Treaty of equity in the building may be entered in favor of a third person. Under such an agreement developer is obliged to transfer the apartment to a house not built holders, as specified in the contract to a third party. The third party may waive rights under the contract of the equity in the building – and then those rights may take advantage of buyers. Contract in favor of a third party provides a third party the right to receive shares in the facility, the responsibility for funding remains the same for buyers. In practice, most such contracts are parents are in favor of their children. But you can not mix cases the contract in favor of a third person with those situations where parents act on behalf and on behalf of their disabled children as their legal representatives (guardians). In this case, the financing of the construction is carried out by children, including those from the funds donated to children by parents.

And other possible option contracts equity in construction. Interest holders may assign its rights under the contract to another person under a contract of assignment of claims (contract assignment) under Art. 382 Civil Code. In this case, there is a change in the persons undertaking equity: other person acquires a right interest holders, and its status. In practice, a variant of participatory construction became very common. At the same time as holders, to give up their rights, are various real estate firms.

Realty firm enters contract with the customer, acting as holders, and then enters into a contract assignment with the citizen, giving him his rights under equity in the building. Housing construction is a form of investment activity, but incorrectly understood by the investment any attachments. Investment objective is either an increase in capital or revenue, or achievement of socially significant results – namely the above investment properties and differs from investments designed to meet the personal (household) income tseley.Pod mean the difference between the amount of investment and the cost of the apartment, which gets an investor. Getting Apartments regarded as a positive effect. Article 41 of the Tax Code defines income as the general economic benefit in money or in kind, included in the case of the possibility of its evaluation and the extent to which benefits can be estimated. Natural person in obtaining an apartment receives income in the form of material benefit – the part of the property whose value is the difference between the market price on it and the price at which it acquired. But there is a reasonable view that the calculation of the difference between market price and the price at which the flat was purchased, it may be that a person has suffered .Pered so as to conclude an agreement equity in housing ask the customer-builder construction documents conforming to the list: 1. A certificate issued by the Federal Registration Service (hereinafter referred to evidence) on land on which is carried out or planned buildings, the subject of law specified in the certificate and the person with whom you contract, must match the category: land settlement, intended use: land for private residential construction (hereinafter ). 2. Resolution of the head area of the city to permit the construction of individual houses. 3. Construction permit issued by the architect district. 4. License to engage in the construction deyatelnosti.Nalichie these documents will protect you and show you nadobrosovestnost owner / developer.

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