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Place our website on the Internet is one of the most important tasks and the reason is simple, better position = more traffic = more potential customers, the lower positioning = fewer visits = less potential customers. There are many payment methods to make more visits, however this is not synonymous with positioning, so it is important not to be deceived or mislead a service pay per click positioning to achieve for your website. If we understand that every day creates hundreds of new sites seek to position with respect to others, we see that this is an endless marathon, which not only compete against the same, if not every day become more integrated in the fight for position. But what is the position?, In a nutshell the positioning of a website is fame, recognition, importance, a search engine is intended to provide visitors relevant search results, ie, relevant sites. How is having a website known, famous or important?, Three main factors part of the equation, content, construction and promotion.

A website without content will not be able to position himself as hard as a search engine considers important if you have nothing to offer. Must be built properly, with appropriate technologies and methodologies to enable robots search engines to access, navigate and therefore index your site and content. For example, the worst that can happen to a website is being developed entirely in Flash. Should be promoted, should “present in society to your site, get other sites, portals, directories have links to yours, this will give you fame and reputation. Of course care about fame and reputation that the other sites have, because that will make your advice more or less important.

Are there other methods to promote a website?, You can open a discussion about it, but these three elements are already at your fingertips without having to invest more than it already is willing to invest. “content?, to send to your website must provide information, provides valuable information and just enough. Construction?, if you are investing in making your site, get it right. While a site developed in Flash can be very nice, actually lose more than you earn. “Promotion?, There are dozens or even hundreds of sites, pages and directories where you can register your site for free and obtain necessary recommendations for fame and reputation. Do not forget social networks are free and are only waiting for you to use to their advantage. Of course over time it will be necessary to continue promoting your website and therefore will have to hire a service to expand, intensify its promotion and dissemination. But before thinking about investing more, take advantage and get the most benefit of that investment has already intended to do.

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