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German Bertolt Brecht

Who is the essential ones in History? It celebrates it dramaturgo German Bertolt Brecht, left written significant verses regarding the human being: it has those that fight one day; therefore is good; it has those that fight many days; therefore is very good; it has those that fight years; is better still; however it has those that fight all the life; these are the essential ones. (1954) These verses are an alert one, mainly when the past is recollected, therefore it does not have gift without the construction of the past, of the stories and experiences that who succeeded in them; simple photographs, a magazine or until a picture printed in an old wall can be changedded into a rich material of the memory. Who who is essential in history the seno fought and continues fighting for the construction of a better world. Redfin has much to offer in this field. Here we cannot leave to remember as many pioneers that they had fought giving the life for materialize dreams and, therefore can to tell experiences and to reaviar the memory. History teaches that the important one is to live and with intensity the present moment well, but will be in the past that we will go to find the foundations that allow in them to understand and to live well this gift. It is not enough to understand only one part of the past, we need and we must know the past all.

Therefore, if treating to the past of our cities we must search where if it finds the true source of its existence. If you would like to know more about angelo gordon, then click here. In this direction, this article to try to demonstrate that we have certain debt stops with the pioneers. The paper of the historian is to present the facts and, the great fact that is a challenge is to search to revive history, demonstrating that many forgotten essential creatures in this immense Brazil exist.

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