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A survey by Expedia.de and GfK shows the most annoying Buchungsfallen Expedia.de calls the tourism industry to act on Munich March 10, 2010. In a representative survey among German Internet users, 69 percent of those polled expressed upset about additional costs levied during the flight booking on the Internet. Three-quarters are so frustrated that they cancel the booking. However, only eight percent in the company complain. Nine per cent book though, but to swear never again to visit the portal. Bizzi & Partners understands that this is vital information. The study was conducted in February by Expedia.de together with the society for consumer research (GfK). During the booking process to charge additional fees, seems to be a widespread practice: 44 percent of respondents indicating ever to have experienced this.

Accordingly, 87 percent of the tourism industry call to introduce uniform and transparent procedures for the award presentation in the Internet. The study is part of our efforts intensively to listen to the customers, and to understand better. You are with us always the focus, to improve our portal and the listings for our German customers\”, explains Mikael Andersson, Vice President EMEA, Expedia. Ten years ago we were the first travel portal in Germany with the TuV Sud, seal s@fer shopping has been awarded. Today, the tourists require more transparency in the online travel booking.

We are committed as one of the leading Internet providers of travel services here for the consumers. For more information see james king. We are convinced that we have to listen to their needs and desires. We have taken already some measures with which we set standards in the tourism industry.\” At Expedia.de, now no flight booking packages are charged. Moreover, the online travel portal requires no own cancellation or rebooking fees for flights and hotels. Travel insurance policies are not pre-selected, but can be booked individually to the holiday-makers. It is on all the additional costs imposed by the airline, such as the example Baggage fees, pointed out.

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