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Is it even possible to sustainable development without qualified training of coaches? The success of enterprises depends for the most part of the leadership skills of its managers. For their qualification, there is an inexhaustible range of seminars, training courses and coaching in Germany. Manager for your task be made fit with a wide range of methods and approaches. A model, which more and more established in the market for human resources development, is the leadership training with horses. In this method, horses serve as assistant coach. The advantage of this principle is that horses reflect an absolutely objective reflection of trade of a business executive.

Through the clear, direct and unvarnished feedback of quadrupeds, Manager can learn their own strengths and weaknesses. More info: lyft. Pferdecoaching as an established training method for senior managers due to the success of this method specialize in this form of coaching numerous coach. Some companies offer your training concept as Franchise system. To know more about this subject visit Clayton Morris. Virtually anyone can buy the concept in license and perform Pferdecoachings for managers and executives. Here the question in how far such deals for a sustainable self-development sensible and useful are really.

At a time when executives due to the pressure of success and responsibilities come mentally at their borders, holistic and tailored to the target group concepts are in demand. Why? Horses often uncover relentlessly lack of leadership personality very prompted executives in the practical exercises through the natural and unsparing honesty of horses. A high range of emotional experience can take place here. Ranging from moments of unexpected happiness – with good success of the exercise – to absolute helplessness or aggression in the participants – if the horse acknowledges, for example, the efforts of the Executive with utter ignorance. This point of strong emotional experience is very desirable and is quite the coach welcomes. Because this created the basis and the atmosphere of a real openness and willingness to change.

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