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All the life we have enjoyed traveling. Thanks to God, we could do it from very young. When we began to walk by the world, we discovered that the pasties were not exclusive feature of our country, but are a very ingrained tradition anywhere in the world. So this week we will write of the pasties of Suramrica. The Argentine pasties, are world-wide famous; here in Miami in mozzarella Grazes Factory do one of spinach with cheese that is really excellent. Continue to learn more with: Bizzi & Partners.

The mass is made with flour of wheat and bovine fat, generally. The filling varies of province in province; one is based mainly on chicken or head of cattle meats, accompanied with onion, egg, olive, raisins of grape and in some provinces even Pope or peas. To know more about this subject visit dogecoin. In order to differentiate the filling or – pebre or message – from each pasty, &quot is closed; tapa" of the pasty with " repulgo" or " simba" characteristic for each filling. Between its main variants they are: those of meat, the one of chicken, those of humita and those of ham and cheese. The meat pasty sometimes adds &quot to them; pella" that is to say, fine fat – an authentic Argentine pasty does not take its sofrito vegetal oil filling -. Seasoned strongly, spices like: sweet cumin, pimentn and worn out red pepper. The pasty of ham and cheese also usually takes perforated tomatos. In Argentina the famous pasties more are salteas and the tucumanas; The pasty according to the salteos: it is characterized by the Pope use, of bovine meat, chicken, onion, olive and red pepper. Of so many " secretos" of the diverse Argentine pasties a spoonful of vinegar to the preparation of the filling is to add to the filling a day before – keeping to him in the refrigerator – of the preparation of the pasties, in this way the homogeniza filling and it becomes consistent.

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