Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate


If anyone of us has a house and attached to the house, of course, a garden, it is quite normal to make a greenhouse. But this raises the usual question of where to buy a greenhouse, hothouse what? All a bit easier than it actually is you think! Let’s begin to move systematically on greenhouse. Where to buy a greenhouse – it is somewhat personal question and I’m not in any way I can not advise you. But what a greenhouse would be better – I did not competent, advise, but I can provide characterization for each of the types of greenhouses. There are three types of greenhouses – greenhouse film arched, greenhouse film block, greenhouses, garden. Greenhouses arched film – it’s metal structures coated with hot galvanizing, aluminum profile, for mounting of the film.

Just such a variety of greenhouses allows lifting side Vilonov manually or automatically using motor. You can use the greenhouse in winter, as the proposed double roof with air. Greenhouses film block – these greenhouses are often used vacationers because they are most appropriate for cultivation of all types of vegetables, houseplants, and of berries – strawberries. The design is just out of the hot galvanizing and coating – polyethylene film, polycarbonate, and is sometimes used wicker wrap. And last greenhouse gardening, to our garden. It is these greenhouses suggest the possibility of obtaining high yield, since they correspond to the most favorable conditions, that is, create a greenhouse effect. This is totally plastic greenhouse covered with polycarbonate.

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