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High Rise Building

In this room on the upper floors built in the light of contemporary architectural and engineering solutions of high-rise buildings, specialists say, has some compelling advantages. First, in new homes than the above, the warmer the winter, because heating wiring goes from the top. In addition, on the upper floors much cleaner and quieter. But not so good as I think. According to the specialist an "Everest" Basil , weakness of upper floors are the elevators, which have the ability to break down at the most inopportune moment. An important aspect of the upper floors and is fire safety. If living on the lower floors of the people can be saved simply by running down the stairs, the upper floors are often just cut off by fire from saving the earth.

However, as the assured marketing company "Land" Vladislav Biryukov, now architects in designing high-rise buildings be required to provide helipads on the roofs of housing complexes. This measure, according to experts, will help the residents of upper floors in case of unforeseen emergency. By the way, the owners of apartments located on the upper floors, may lie in wait for emergency and natural character. For example, small earthquakes in the 2-3 points lower floors of the people do not even feel, but the inhabitants of the upper apartments will be felt completely. And since these "invisible" bumps very frequent occurrence in Moscow, Realtors advise people with weak hearts or unsound mind not to settle high. This category of citizens will approach 7.4 floors.

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