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On the phenomenon of home theater and write a lot of different ways. But there are always sure to mention the "presence effect" – what distinguishes the "home movies" from just the tv. When this same effect occurs? Some say it's all about volume, enveloping sound: if the sound is broken down into five channels, goes through five speakers – two front, one center, two in the rear (still very desirable subwoofer for the lowest frequencies) – then you have already become "an accomplice" action. But there is another opinion: The picture and sound equal. The most feared dinosaur from "Jurassic Park" on the small screen will still look like a chicken, whatever it may Ryki published and no matter how hard the subwoofer shaking bass air. In general, without a good tv or projector screen can not do.

You can hear a deeper rationale: the effect of presence occurs when the angle between the nose and the edge of the screen exceeds 38 degrees. Then turn on peripheral vision, subliminal receives a signal of danger ("adrenaline went!"), And the viewer is no longer just takes a picture and turn into action. Obviously, the first approach (priority of sound) more democratic. Do not need a plasma tv, even the DVD-player does not need – home theater system can be created on the basis of Rubin and conventional vcr. Buy a receiver and speaker system, the average consumer can be owner of the classroom, sign things, a unique piece of furniture. The lower boundary of the prices home theater – about $ 700, the top is lost in the sky.

Practice shows: one in the history of getting involved with domkino you periodically will feel the need to update and improve the park equipment. Well, for beginners – a home cinema in one box, complete set. Very humane invention: is inexpensive and saves us from the inexperienced you from the torment of choice. This is about how to dress: You can buy a suit once, but you can "collect" it from the trousers and jacket. The second option will cost more, but it is obvious that your suit and sit in this case would be better.

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