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If you do not want to suffer from noise, keep quiet yourself reduce noise from contact with neighbors to help and quality flooring in your home. In this case you will not only reduce the possibility of penetration of noise to you, but they themselves will not disturb tenants at the bottom, even if you decide to arrange themselves in a disco, or simply decide to play hockey on the carpet with his son. To do this, lay on the parquet floor. Do not forget about the special lining between the floor and parquet. Good results can be achieved with the use of carpeting, but, nevertheless, parquet better. If you decide to make a false ceiling, do not forget to lay a layer of insulating material.

Such measures will make your repair is more expensive, but it will create an opportunity for comfortable spending time in his apartment at any time of day. Who knows, maybe you settle on a big music fan or a novice cellist, which can be frightening only weightlifter constantly falling concealing the bar. Have you already pre-made security measures and to effectively protect your home against noise. Be polite Deciding to begin repairs, you will, in accordance with the new Housing Code, must align their actions with residents of neighboring apartments. For this need to visit them and find out what time the noise is particularly undesirable. As a rule, working citizens do not object to carrying out any noisy repair work during the hours from 8 to 18 hours. Mothers with children, in turn, ask you reduce the noise during the hours of afternoon rest. Thus, you can make an acceptable schedule. Once more about our company Our specialists are ready to perform any repairs in your apartment while providing excellent protection against noise. Do not believe me? Do you have a chance to see it for yourself, simply call our office.

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