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How To Build A Brick House

People long ago began to build brick houses. The most common type of brick – a brick clay, which is obtained by way of firing a mixture of clay, together with other components. Project home made of brick usually involves a construction of all bearing exterior walls with a thickness of 510-640 mm. Also, apart from the outer brick layer, always put another layer and a heater. How to start any construction of the house with his hands? It careful planning, and then make up an individual project at home. Just a plan would save money and time.

There are three main approaches to designing buildings. The first option – buy ready-made model project. Second – order a personal project. The third – a ready project with elements of exclusivity. Then you need to choose a certain area of the home.

Brick houses should be built on specific sites. The best option – it is the simultaneous development of the project at home and the purchase of the site. If the site is large, it is suitable for the project with additional buildings. If a small – if only for a compact home. When Select a site to build a house, tons of must take into account many factors: environmental cleanliness, presence or lack of communication, the groundwater level and soil type on which to stand your house. After selected area, make snap made technical project. It will help to geological samples, which will determine the type of the future foundation. If groundwater is too close to the surface, then take waterproofing and strengthening measures. After the analysis of water and soil correct material for the foundation. Also assessing the possibility of shifting soil and subsidence. Next are brief and the architectural form the concept of home. At the end of the required calculations and create the design and construction documentation. How to start building a brick house? Of course, with the main part – the foundation. It was he who bears the main burden. View base is chosen depending on whether and for how post, he will be under construction. If you built one or two-storey house, then you can then choose any kind of foundation: tape, a monolithic or columnar. If the foundation can go as a brick and concrete, the tree should not be used ever. What would make a quality foundation of compacted soil: dried, tamped or strengthen various additives. Brick houses are starting to build with, divide the area depending on the project. The breakdown is carried out through a variety of surveying instruments. Determine the width of a particular foundation. After the split plot dig the pit and start building the very foundation. Houses of brick – a great choice, because the material retains heat well. Then begin to lay the house wall. A very common masonry – kolodtsevaya. The bricks are laid in two parallel walls the half-bricks, which are located on the width of 1 m between the others. These wells are filled with any material for insulation concrete, mortar, foam or dry aggregate. The project is a brick building also includes calculation of all construction and material selection, as well as to build a porch with his hands. Work on the roofing should be divided by forest harvest (selection of material, the cutting elements, cooking pastes) preparations (preparation of the base) and primary (laying of the material, fastening them to the roof, taking care of stuff after laying). The most frequently used single-storey brick houses windows and doors custom-made. Gaps filled with ready-made solid blocks.

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