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For in such a way, the paper is considered excellent that has the team to multidiscipline, well thus the mediation to make possible the application of the guard shared in conflituosas situations of exitosa and efficient form. The chapter will be finished with mention to the advantages happened with the application of the shared guard. In the fifth and last chapter, with support in the doctrinal and jurisprudenciais notes, we exactly adopt positioning in favor of the guard shared in situation of conflict of interests, since that used adequate tools. After only depleted all the resources that the magistrate can use itself, – always with the focus in optimum interest of the minor -, it is that if it must adopt another modality of guard for the children. Finally, it fulfills to write down that the intention of this singelo work is to serve of source of research and study, good thus to instigate bigger reflection on the subject to the operators of the Right, in the intention that each time more the doctrine, as well as the jurisprudence of our courts can be used, in the form here proposal, of the guard shared in the family relation. 2 FAMILIAR POWER 2,1 – Family Before approaching the subject ' ' to be able familiar' ' , it agrees to weave some consideraes on the institute of the family.

In accordance with the definition of Silveira Bueno, considers family the set of father, mother and children, people of the same blood, descent, ancestry. The family can be appraised as ' ' natural and basic nucleus of the society and as such must be protege, as it is concluded of the made use one in the American Convention of Human Rights of 1969' ' . Opportune saying of professor Athayde de Fonseca, pediatra Carioca, ' ' the family is for the child that the fruit is for semente' '.

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