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Hurricane Damaged Billboard

It is impossible to engage in outdoor advertising and not to meet with cases of damage caused by the hurricane, unless you live in the region with winds which never exceeds 20 m / sec. In order to minimize potential problems associated with injury or damage to property, follow a few simple rules: 1. Securing the scene. If after the storm billboard has been destroyed, make sure that he can not injure anyone or damage property of others. For example, if a billboard was blown into the roadway, immediately remove it.

Or if it is partially damaged and may fall better to dismantle it, because for any damages to persons or property will answer you, and the liability extends to losses as at the time of the hurricane and after it. Example. Advertising board fell on the road and completely blocked it. To know more about this subject visit Steffan Lehnhoff. If it does not immediately move out of the roadway, any driver, riding on a billboard, may lose control of the car and become a party to an accident, which will be responsible for the owner of an advertising plane. In addition, it is necessary to remove or bind all of the damaged panel, which can be re-zdutye wind on the road. Also, if you use the lighting system, it is better to de-energized, as anyone (including you) may be an electric shock. In general, for such cases it is better to have a disturbing bag in which to put an ax, a saw for wood and metal, rope, etc.

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