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New Zealand is a paradise for cyclists and the waves of the beaches in Hawaii it would be for surfers. There is no country in the world where so many roads and tracks elapsed through such beautiful landscapes and diverse in such a small space. It is simply unique. Cycling New Zealand is, in turn, an extremely safe activity because car traffic is practically nonexistent, particularly in some of the most charming roads of the South Island. At the same time, the quantity and quality of accommodation that can be found almost everywhere extremely affordable prices make it a tiring day cycling adventure in an unparalleled night's rest. Cycling in New Zealand is and will be further expanding as the government plans to spend extremely high sums of money put up all the roads from the tip of the island up north to the lowest point of the South Island so that they are perfectly adapted to run on a bike, something that has never happened in any other country in the world. In New Zealand, there is cycling for all tastes, from the broad plains of Canterbury to provide straight and quiet roads to the landscape of the Alps in the background, via paths through parks and even for the more adventurous the opportunity to meet increases to mountain passes as the Haast Pass and Arthur's Pass, difficult to complete without the bike park at any time to make a photo, given the extreme beauty of its landscapes.

Without doubt, the bicycle traffic will increase as the world you realize its potential and perhaps now the best time to embark on this adventure, while still few know the magic of cycling in New Zealand when we still have the road to ourselves! The agencies do not yet offer such trips, although some KiwiViajes as we are willing to take into account these customers and offer the most that New Zealand can be given. Because New Zealand does not is in the world. . . The whole world is in New Zealand! Dani Alonso is the founder and head of the agency's low-cost, specialized in organizing trips to New Zealand at prices within reach of everyone. To keep abreast of the opening of Kiwiviajes next July 1, check out the informative blog

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