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Interior Decoration Textiles

Interior decoration textiles – an integral part of the design .Trudno present themselves without tkaney.Oni interior create a feeling of comfort, soften or emphasize the architectural features of the room – and can be a key element of the interior. Exactly how the room will look like in general, depends on many factors, but usually, above all, attract eye shades. Hence, their design is of great importance: in fact, they can ask style of the room. Uses of textiles in the interior are vast. Every era dictate their own fashion, and our time, fortunately, allows everything. The major trend of today's textile fashion – the desire for a strong personality. Today's most popular style – Art Deco. Art Deco (Art deco) – the art style for the second quarter of the 20 th century, characterized by: – a combination of monumental forms of weighted with subtle embellishment – a combination of elements of Art Nouveau, Cubism and Expressionism – the use of expressive forms of technical design.

Art Deco is the abundance of gold and silver, a combination of black and white palette, this style is characterized by stylized floral designs, unusual planar solutions. If you prefer such expensive fabric, such as Genoa velvet, with a characteristic pattern of large, brocade with gold thread, smoky and ribbed silk, satin, moire or taffeta – then you should decorate your interior in baroque or . – style luxury, luxury and comfort. Curtains and blinds look coquettishly, the main window decoration – it pelmet. Draperies, skillfully get off the silver or gold shnurom.Dlya Nouveau is characterized by oppressive lines that mimic the stems of plants.

The color scheme is popular all pale, pink, green, pink, purple, blue, yellow. To choose the right style – before you begin to decorate the windows and the entire room – should consider the following: form a window frame; view from a window; size of the room; architectural style of the interior; functional purpose room; the characteristic features of the room (eg, fire); and, of course – to choose the style you prefer. The correct window decoration can effectively influence the improvement of proportion and balance room, and ennoble the window vizualno.Nashi experienced designers and decorators will help you in choosing fabrics for your interior as well, in choosing elements of textile design – curtains, decorative pillows, which – it is possible decorate any room and fix some of the shortcomings of architecture and windows sten.Tkani combine well with each other are able to create unusual effects in the interior. Beautiful, light effect creates bright fabrics, and Conversely, the dark fabric create the effect of secrecy and mystery, a kind of layer, which wraps the room, turning the room into a "safe and comfortable place. Beautiful and unusual look fabric with antique texture, as if the erased or dusty figure.

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