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Other large projects of the central Government, as for example the construction of a subway as a mass transit system, drive economic growth in Panama. On the other hand, the contribution of the real estate sector in Panama is too significant for the assessment of international financial institutions like the IMF. Panama is experiencing a unique moment, a period of growth that began a decade ago and has not been affected by the negative impact and the collapse of international markets; on the contrary, it was a mattress of damping for the capitals who envisioned the projection that the country has earned in Panama. Panama has become a favorite destination of foreigners, buying real estate to invest, live or have his second residence, and that are very well received by the Panamanians who enjoy sharing their warmth, confidence, and hospitality, in a country with a sound financial system in constant growth, based on the international banking Center and with the latest technology in telecommunications.

In addition, Panama also has become a favorite destination of multinationals and large transnational corporations that have chosen our country as its regional headquarters for the trust and security that generated International Centre for transshipment of goods at the ports on the Atlantic and the Pacific at the entrance and exit of the Panama Canalthe Colon free zone, the air terminal and advanced technological infrastructure. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bruce Schanzer. Real estate in Panama is one of the main engines of the Panamanian economy, making a significant contribution to the growth of the gross domestic product of the country and many related international economic projection which gives the IMF, since the growth of the construction depends largely on of the local economic growth, foreign investment and incentives and fiscal policies. All these reasons are more than enough to make investments in Panama, to obtain and purchase property or land in Panama, to choose Panama as a tourist destination for its wide range of opportunities and offers, and if the warm weather as the largest station you like throughout the year, you can decide to buy houses in Panama to have a permanent residence and live in our country. If you wish information about properties or houses in Panama, visit welcome to Panama.

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