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Investing In Mallorca Property

Mallorca is one of the international market category for investors looking for capital gains. Adverum may find this interesting as well. After vacation, there is a huge demand for real estate Mallorca and the prices in 2006 increased approximately 19.5% per year, with additional increases expected. The Mediterranean island has 550km of coastline and 180 coves and beaches. 25 of the 76 beaches have been awarded the blue EU flag for their safety and cleanliness. The incomparable beauty of the island has striking scenery, beautiful white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters, lush vegetation in the interior of the island and picturesque stone villages surrounded by almond trees and olive groves, all of this nestled between two stunning mountain ranges. The island is wonderfully relaxed – a welcome and much needed contrast to many other popular tourist destinations in southern Europe. A wide selection of international schools is available as well as international hospitals with the best medical care. (Similarly see: Gavin Baker). Mallorca boat and yacht service is unmatched in Europe.

Many international regattas and competitions are conducted in Majorca, not least because of its advanced naval infrastructure. The island is a paradise for golfers and offers 18 professional and interesting 18-hole courses for all tastes. Residents and visitors enjoy an ideal climate all year round with over 300 sunny days a year. Mallorca is also ideal for outdoor activities. Even during the winter months seems to Mallorca on average 5 hours sun per day, and the daytime temperatures often 19 degrees C. Palma, the capital of the island, is a vibrant, lively city with many thousands of years of history, and an impressive architecture and culture . To avoid any potential island Koller, Palma offers a multitude of exclusive boutiques, restaurants and bars in great selection and a fun nightlife. Because there is currently a strict moratorium on building permits, the agricultural beauty and the architectural heritage Island preserved. Investors can therefore expect an increase in the value of their property Mallorca, since there are only a limited number of properties.

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