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This thinker analyze the senses are more objective when describing an object. Thus, the intuition does not distract the sensible idea of the phenomenon we have seen. and that sometimes distorts the reality of experience because of our emotions. build an entity called Anaximander explained in cosmology several interesting things. Of these only take into account a few, in order not to lose our objective, which is intended to express the relationship of theoretical physics to philosophy. We need from the outset and this is the cosmology and thought that this branch of studies the universe as a whole and includes theories about its origin, evolution, large scale structure and its future. He Anaximander: Apeiron is the beginning of all the transformations that happen in the world. "Youth and that way you study the universe or that include theories about its origin? Remember that it is necessary to have some knowledge of the facts, which can be found in the studies already made.

How do the transformations taking place in the world? Answers itself. And if you have already done so, I assure you that no matter how they do. If a scientific level threats are not afraid of men in God's name. And if it is a theological level pay no attention to the taunts. For the same Science is a belief or a human convention. Whatever your decisions are free. May 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Think of the infinite is not easy, especially when the universe was finite Greeks.

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