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Korglikon Respiration

Doses for children – 0.6-1.2 ml 2% solution. This drug is shown in the cases of seizures and the swallowing of respiratory muscles, threatening asphyxia. Duration action diplatsina – 40-60 min. Treatment of tetanus these drugs continues to treat acute events. When injected intravenously diplatsina, especially with the rapid introduction of his, there may be respiratory arrest. In such cases immediately proceed to the manual artificial respiration or use iron lungs. In the absence of breathing apparatus immediately pre-injected 0.5-1 ml of a 0.05% solution neostigmine.

In order to avoid the tongue, it must be pulled and held for artificial respiration glossotilt. If you have equipment for artificial respiration in severe cases of tetanus with a threatening asphyxia produced a tracheotomy tube and injected with a rubber obturator swelling. Curariform agents appointed by it in full doses, giving a relaxation of all muscle groups, including respiratory and move on controlled breathing. Cardiac activity is supported by the appointment of camphor, kordiamina. In severe tachycardia administered intravenous 40% glucose in an amount of 40-60 ml with 1 ml Korglikon 1-2 times a day. In to prevent pneumonia, and prevention of wound complications prescribe antibiotics. In severe cases of illness in the ward where the patient lies, everything should be ready to provide immediate assistance to: adrenalin diplatsin, Neostigmine, chlorpromazine, caffeine, or strophanthin Korglikon, 40% glucose solution, sterile syringe, glossotilt, oxygen, sterile set of tools for tracheotomy. Apparatus for artificial respiration should be ready.

Prevention. Tackling injuries is an important means of preventing tetanus. If you want to land contamination of the wound may its early primary surgical treatment and the introduction of intramuscular 1500-3000 AE (with pre-decimal desensitization) of antitoxic tetanus toxoid. With an extensive wound contamination serum re-enter after 7 days at the same time for 40 minutes before the conduct seroprevention active immunization with tetanus toxoid 0.5 ml subcutaneously, 5 days toxoid, re-enter at the same dosage. Those at risk of contracting tetanus immunized with tetanus toxoid.

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