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Lowy Hands

The work It is the basic and basic condition of all the life human being. in such degree that, until certain point, we can affirm that the work created the proper man. In face of each new progress the work, went extending horizontes of the man, taking to constantly discover it to it in new objects properties until then unknown (ENGELS, 1876:) Lowy, in turn, brings some busy spaces for the men, and with them, the actions on the way where they inhabit. At the beginning of the book it places: In 1975 Chico Mendes establishes, together with Wilson Pine, the union of the agricultural workers of Brasilia, and, shortly afterwards, in 1977, the union of the agricultural workers of Xapuri, its native land. In the same year, he is elect councilman for the MDB for the local City council, but well quickly if of the account of that this party is not solidary with its fights. It is at this time that it goes to inaugurate, with its friends of the union, a form of unknown not-violent fight in the world: the celebrities you tie up to. They are hundreds of seringueiros, with its women and children, who if give the hands and face, without weapons, the bulldozers of the great ones companies interested in the deforestation, the falling of trees of trees. Some times the workers are defeated, but frequent they obtain to stop, with its naked hands, the tractors, bulldozers and motosserras of the annihilators of the forest (2005: 8) Both the authors, therefore, even so in distinct times, describe action human beings on the way. In the first case, from the work, and after that for the development of the hands, agencies of the directions and the crnea feeding, if also have the development of our ancestor: It is initiated thus, the great transformation: Of monkeys in trees, for developed beings more, that they search if to shelter from intempries that they find for the way.

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