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Accordingly also the ADVANSA Thermo offered dry products in a wide range, which complies with all specific requirements of the final product. Ecological approach ADVANSA is known for its eco-friendly and sustainable building orientation and can look back on a long tradition, to offer consumers the opportunity to acquire an environmental version of the respective products. Also this new range is no exception. The global demand for eco-friendly offers Bill to wear, is offering has been complemented by a version with recycled materials. ADVANSA Thermo dry available also in a mixture with TENCEL fibers from Lenzing, a combination of two different fibre types with in itself contradictory, but complementary function properties, certified with the eco-label of the European Union. Quality and availability around the world to ensure the availability of these products, ADVANSA an exclusive partnership with leading manufacturers and suppliers agreed to: Hong Kong Nonwoven in Asia and PEG in Europe, as the sole supplier of ADVANSA Thermo cool and ADVANSA Thermo dry function insulations. To guarantee an outstanding level of performance to end users, all products in “license” are manufactured by ADVANSA tested under high quality standards and certified. ADVANSA has introduced a unique system with serial numbers on test labels for clothing and sleeping bags.

By this possibility of tracing the consumer gets the insurance, to acquire an original licensed product. Anderson Lee, Director of Hong Kong nonwovens commented: we are pleased and excited with ADVANSA to be associated, and so the way to get, these high-tech range of products together in to introduce in the market. Already now we have already a considerable number of prospective of leading brand labels in Europe as well as in America. ADVANSA Thermo cool and dry ADVANSA Thermo registered trademarks of ADVANSA TENCEL is a brand name of Lenzing for Lyocell Andreas Knorr,!

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