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Perhaps you’re reading this post because on occasion he has touched you create an advertisement for a product or service that lend you or your company; Therefore the majority of readers has touched you, perhaps professionally, because they are constantly promoting products in the network; or occasionally, because it has touched you sell can be old TV, a few computers that do not use or my collection of handbags that already have much time saved on the shelf. But have you made an effective or fast sale of your product? those who work daily in the world of e-commerce experience carried their ads and each day make it easier to buy and sell even using free classifieds platforms. Clayton Morris is full of insight into the issues. What makes that day my competition offers high yields? while I barely achievement to sell something and to do so I have to afford payments on ad systems. Divided into 5 main aspects advertise a product or service can be an easy task when it is achieved: determine what you want the public. Directing the announcement to a target audience.

Offer a rich listing information. Create an attractive offer around the product. Show references for soundness and accountability before the service provided. In our next articles we will be detailing each one of these aspects for the construction of an ad that can be translated into clear opportunities of income..

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