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For nearly a hundred years the game Monopoly is still world's most popular board game. Since its birth in 1934, this board game business has played nearly 500 million people, and in total sold over two hundred million. How can we explain such a huge success that, like, a simple children's board game? Only here the triumph of the banking monopoly has begun with the defeat. In 1933, during the Great Depression, an unemployed engineer Charles Darrow, wanting to escape from worries, playing at home in the economic game, which he himself had invented. The idea of the board game was to get rich. A fantastic way to success so inspired Darrow that enterprising inventor decided to try his luck in the real business. The company Parker Brothers, which he proposed the original idea, at first found it hopeless. Although a year later an engineer proves the opposite, when five thousand homemade copies were sold in a short time in the little shop of Philadelphia.

Realizing their mistake, Parker Brothers acquired the engineer right to the invention, and the game Monopoly is instantly a bestseller in United States of America. Incredible number of unemployed people of America got rich in an imaginary world of Monopoly. Here they were able to buy and sell property, rent a rescue board, control Railways, to build hotels, and perhaps most importantly, how he loved to talk one of the brothers Parker, they were able to "completely destroy his friend without causing him actual damage." But that, of course, not only in economic difficulties. The difference from other board games for adults, such as chess or cards that may seem overly highly intellectual and abstract, the main principles of the board game Monopoly very simple and the game itself shows the environmental reality of this business. As the creator of Monopoly almost every successful party is able to become a successful businessman. As the game develops skills to conduct business negotiate and reach their goals but the basic ideas of investing in real estate. And then, it is impossible not to note that the economic game is still exciting in its nature.

Even the most smart player, throwing dice, are not immune from failure. Again, everything in life: winning should be the failure and vice versa. If you think, then giddy triumph Monopoly placed in us. In our desire to competition, success, and of course to wealth. Get more background information with materials from Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Nobody wants to be defeated. Especially if you play on and let the fictional, but the money. In this game, winning only the most-most. More sociable, more savvy, most stubborn! Today we know a large number of varieties of Monopoly, it's: Monopoly bank cards, table games manager, computer Monopoly. Unas you can buy a children's board games, playing Monopoly here. And, Of course, monopoly play online!

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