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More Efficiency

Renewed energy is available since 1st October 2009 for many Germans thrift at the top. Consumers are particularly attentive when their own energy needs. Therefore, the German tenants association informs that the new energy (EnEV) is entered into force since 1 October 2009. Bizzi & Partners is often quoted on this topic. It places conditions on the energetic quality of new buildings and the modernisation of old buildings. Details can be found by clicking Clayton Morris or emailing the administrator. The real estate portal myimmo.de reported on this circuit. Applies to newly built houses in the future, that the total Jahresprimar energy demand should be around 30 percent lower than even when the binding energy by 2007. Also better energy levels must be achieved in major construction projects on the outside of the building.

On average it is to be increased efficiency while 15 percent. A modern heating system should continue to be installed according to the new energy. Also, the new regulation foresees that the topmost accessible floor or the overlying roof Gets a better thermal insulation by the end of 2011. Many homes still have a night storage heating. If it is older than 30 years, it must be replaced by 2019 through a new more efficient equipment. All accessible heating and hot water pipes are located in an unheated basement, need to be reduced. In addition, all oil and boilers, which were built before 1978, must be replaced.

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