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Motivating Your Employees

No doubt, one of the most difficult tasks a manager is to manage the motivation of employees. whatever their origin, their values and beliefs. Should be considered that their role is not a function of applied management techniques defined, with a systematic and programmed by applying scientific standards, but on the contrary, their raison d’etre is a function that has the ability to adapt to these management styles the culture of the organization. Venezuelan firms require major changes, changes in companies where management must know how to interpret what’s required, what should be its functions, how it should be your leadership, your participation that will achieve the results that are so eager expected, otherwise will be doomed to failure. Through the practice as a consultant, business adviser have determined that manifest large gaps, irregularities in the management that require changes, transformations immediate action to change the weaknesses and do they become strengths, ensuring sound management involvement, according to the requirements that the national and international scenario calls. It has been determined that the causes of why management often fails to meet its achievements, is due in part to lack of knowledge, improvisation, leadership, creativity, vision, resource integration, interpretation and adaptation to change. FEATURES know from research that has been made to executives of successful companies, where executives indicate that Venezuelans are characterized by adopting the following styles: Develop contractual business relationships rather than personal, that is separating personal feelings of the issues business, always choosing the best option or the best price. Choose their partners, suppliers and other business connections based on performance rather than on relationships. They base their actions in the execution rather than planning, primarily engaged in choosing the right people to make their plans, carefully evaluating the individuals and rely on the improvisational skills of those who choose to achieve their goals.

Exercise their authority in a balanced manner, although with a greater inclination toward participation toward centralization. Establishes structures and processes that enable teams to make collective decisions. Although these aspects seem to not fit with the style of political and social leadership of the Venezuelan, successful managers of large companies are adopting a different style picked up by the tradition of Creole culture. Details can be found by clicking james king or emailing the administrator. TIPS can then recommend the following features to strengthen our management style and that can respond to the realities of our economic and social environment: agility to quickly adapt to the international environment, the best multinational executives are able to identify and use cultural skills critical for success in foreign markets, such as how to develop relationships with strategic partners, suppliers, customers, etc., a must for building excellent relationships both with employees and with other executives to enhance business through gradual and progressive development of trust and mutual respect, exercise the authority to achieve the commitment and cooperation of your team, either through participative leadership (collective decision making) or centralized authority (takes the final decisions). Staying current with knowledge of modern management topics you seize the opportunities presented and assertive decision-Journal RFEFERENCIAS: Debates IESA. No. 16. September 1994. -Magazine: Manager, September 1993.

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