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Noise Level In Russia

Under Russian law, the noise level in office and other administrative facilities can not exceed fifty decibels. To comply with the law, should ensure that offices were equipped with sound insulation, and in complex variations. This means that must be installed as external insulation, and interior. In such areas employees will be more comfortable to operate, eliminating the causes of stress. To get rid of the effect of noise from outside, such as of highways or noise coming from the hall premises, you should pay attention to sound insulation of doors and windows. Read more from Grubb and Ellis to gain a more clear picture of the situation. To this end the Council to establish the offices of multi-chamber windows. These windows guaranteed to protect from the sounds, the absorption reaches the level of forty-two decibels. The doors are also desirable to establish a higher level of sound absorption.

These doors are also equipped with fire protection, provide sound absorption up to forty-five decibels. By installing such protection can not be worried that the noise will interfere with the staff, quality, perform their duties. Now let's talk about the protection of employee personnel from the harmful effects of internal noise. To achieve good sound insulation is required in addition to reconstruct the walls, ceiling and floor. Especially, these requirements apply to resettlement areas, where safety of Interior noise is simply irreplaceable. These special rooms are classrooms Governing rooms for talks and meeting rooms.

So, for the best protection against internal noise is advised to cover the walls of a special sound insulating materials. Virtually the best solution for this problem is the original walls insulation, manufactured from stone wool. Such wall insulation offer almost complete absorption of the internal sounds. Unlike sound-proofing material primarily consists of high-density fibrous structure. In addition to sufficient domestic and internal sound insulation of office real estate, need to be concerned about the proper level of lighting jobs office staff. That depends on a sufficient coverage wellness employee's personnel. It is clear that natural light is always better for the job. But not all office buildings have windows wide enough to provide adequate lighting to all rooms of office buildings. Should carefully consider the organization of lighting in office premises. Now the most common among the devices of illumination are incandescent bulbs. All anything, but these lamps consume too much energy to heat rather than light. And the life they have small in combination with tarnish given by lighting. So now the choice is for fluorescent lamps. Their effectiveness is proved worldwide. Lamps consume less energy, provide excellent coverage and durability they have to Fifteen thousand hours, in contrast to incandescent lamps.

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