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HRCM filter can, but other filters can not make drinking humic (swamp) water – the advantage of completely. When cleaning the filters hrcm industrial effluents was found that they absorb the oil and efirorastvorimye substances to levels lower than the mpc level (the multiplicity of treatment more than 1000). hrcm effectively removes many cations, including copper (30 times), iron (3 times), ammonium (2-3 times), vanadium (5 times), manganese (2 times), phosphate (35 times), organic and inorganic anions, including sulfides (6 times), fluoride (5 times), nitrates (3 times), reduces the concentration of suspended particles in more than 100 times. Only a very few industrial complex filtering units (consisting of three or more different filters) have a universal power – simultaneously purify waste water from the anions, cations and organic substances. hrcm cleans water from the undissolved impurities and bad – of the dissolving. Robert Shiller helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. If hrcm well removed from the water and the true solutions, it can not be used for drinking water: the result would have distillate. The bottom line is that the water held hrcm filtering, saved natural salts and minerals.

hrcm filters provide a new level of purification, where the water is not only crystal clear, but becomes healing properties. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Clayton Morris has to say. hrcm has a therapeutic effect not only when applied to wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, but also by ingestion. Investigations were carried out, scientists of the Military Medical Academy (St. Petersburg), Institute of Emergency Care. (St.

Petersburg) Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Center of Emergency Medicine (Moscow). In the Russian Cardiological Center of the Ministry of Health have tested the sorption properties hrcm in the process of cleaning the blood plasma. The efficiency hrcm in sorption of plasma uric acid (to reduce the level of performance – more than 50%). Tended to reduce the level of creatinine (metabolite of nitrogen metabolism). Wound-healing effect of the powder leads to hrcm significant reduction in deaths, to reduce the period of acute inflammation, the creation of the wound environment unfavorable for active vegetation microbial flora. There is every reason to believe, and studies in this still in progress, which has a similar effect and the water that passes through a filter hrcm. hrcm filtering water partially destroys water intermolecular bonds, or, one might say, breaks the water clusters. By This dramatically increases the surface and, consequently, biological activity was inside the water. Special studies at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical culture, showed that the water received by hrcm filtering ordinary tap water, acquires a "" both tap and bottled water for the property: to improve efficiency, facilitate the processes of effective recovery of energy the body after exercise, increase the body's immunity. People who regularly take normal tap water after HRCM-filtration practically cease to be sick with influenza and other infectious diseases (a consequence of increasing immunity).

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