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Pilgrimage Tours To Russia

Pilgrimage tours in Russia are much cheaper than overseas, and besides, everyone needs to know Istria its edge, and a Christian – Orthodox shrines, which are in his homeland. Vladimir-Suzdal monastery was built around 1364, although its full structure finally formed from the xvi century. There is also the Holy Gate, and St. Basil's Cathedral, and a refectory. Pilgrims who visit this shrine, after the tour and Prayers up residence in a building inhabited by monks and nuns of this monastery, to pray with them.

Feed the pilgrims monastic food that contains no frills, but is not the austere, so that any person be pleased with such food. Holy Trinity-Saint Sergius Lavra was built in the xiv century, but its original architecture has been preserved: it is burned and destroyed, and only in 1599 it was rebuilt. Many governors have seen in their century St. Sergius Lavra: found it, and confusing times, and survived the siege. Anyone who commits a pilgrimage tours to Russia, to visit and Nilo- deserts.

According to legend, the holy Elder Neal went to austere image life on the desert land, without communicating with other people. Here he personally cut down the small house where he lived, worked and prayed. It came to him the spirits and demons who were trying to distract the old man of prayer, but to no avail. Nile torment themselves chains, praying day and night, and when he went into another world, this desert, where he lived, was considered sacred. Pilgrimage tours to Russia should make every true believer is a Christian so he proves his love for the Lord, visiting the Orthodox shrines and prayed to God, the soul is cleansed of sin and all human life begins from scratch. Pilgrimage tours – this is a great opportunity to visit the holy places, to touch this religious relics.

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