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Pool Construction

Armature tied haywire BP-1 with a diameter of 2-3 mm. During the construction of pools used by fitting a periodic profile. Throat of the valve, move the cell are determined at the design stage basin. Apply for vertical and horizontal reinforcing rods 10 mm in diameter. Step horizontal reinforcement is 200 mm, vertical – 200 mm.

To provide a protective layer of concrete used in the construction of swimming pools special clamps. Fasteners provide a uniform distribution of reinforcement in concrete, protecting it from corrosion. Valves are usually treated with special anti-corrosion compounds that provide resistance to corrosion. The use of electric welding in this case is invalid because the microstructure of the metal is broken, burned carbon, and during the operation of the pool in these places corrosion. The reinforced concrete pool is of steel rebar and concrete. The most durable concrete has. But it depends on the durability of steel reinforcement and the safety factor taken into account in the construction of the pool.

Sizing valves is not only in terms of structural strength, but also taking into account the annual destruction, and the type of waterproofing the pool. Durability of valve connected to the three main factors – fatigue deformation, chemical and electrochemical corrosion. On the surface of a standard hot-rolled reinforcement has a layer of iron slag, physical and chemical properties, which are different from the material fittings. The strength of its connections with the base metal is low, so under the influence of oxidation reactions scum layer is peeled from the base metal. Polymer, which cover the valves, generates additional protection against corrosion. The most common polymer used dye for greater reliability by double staining. If the fixture has a sturdy laminated rust or special mastic waterproofing coating, its longevity may greatly exceed valve durability with a traditional painting. Installation of mortgages. Before concreting the need to establish and consolidate elements of the pool mortgages for the following elements: a bottom drain, jets, skimmers, lighting, counter, and others. Then all of the above is filled with concrete, which provides an initial pool waterproofing. Some construction companies are first cast bowl basin, and then use jackhammer hollow out holes for the inserts elements. Application of this method destroys the integrity of the bowl, resulting in a deterioration of waterproofing the pool. Cup molded basin must not be any mechanical stress, or cracks and voids, which leads to loss of waterproofing the pool.

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