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Looking for a property abroad? – It's time to look at Portugal. The depreciation of the euro as a result of the debt crisis in Europe has increased "purchasing power" of citizens from Eastern Europe claiming the Portuguese square meters. We offer you a profile portrait of the Portuguese real estate for the 1st quarter of 2010. Prerequisites – a country Where the land ends and sea begins, as described in Portugal Louisiade her famous poet Luis Camoes. 80% of the population lives in coastal areas, but not just because of the love of the sea … In coastal areas is concentrated political and economic Activity of the country. It is here that there are villas and apartments, built with the latest technology and the best finishing materials, overlooking the ocean, which can satisfy the most refined buyer. Portugal is also called 'terra de luz' or 'Lusitania' – the land of light, it is a she appeared who came to these territories the Romans.

There are a lot of sun, heavenly climate and is just nice and peaceful living. If you are attracted vast seascape silvered rays sunset, if you love golf or surfing – the best place you will not find it. Real Estate Portugal is 200 000 items of property, that for a country with 10 million inhabitants – lacking in abundance. Currently, the proposal takes precedence over demand, and sale of properties will take longer. Since data on sales for the 1st quarter of 2010 indicate that the average sales of new facilities in the area Lisbon has increased by 6 months compared to the same period last year and is about 18 months.

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