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Typically, the production of stainless steel handrails use the following materials: Stainless steel handles are the most popular solution – advantages of stainless steel as a material for manufacturing steel handrails made of stainless steel are obvious: – the life of welded polished stainless steel handrails are 20 to 50 years – welded polished handrails Stainless steel require virtually no maintenance costs – a durable, resistant to vandalism material is ideal for the performance of handrails with stainless steel exteriors and interiors of private homes, hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, night clubs, elevators, swimming pools and other public places – an excellent resistance of the material of handrails with stainless steel corrosion is provided by an oxide film covering the surface of polished stainless steel. This extremely thin protective layer on the surface of stainless steel handrail has the property to repair itself when applied mechanical damage – welded stainless steel handrails are safe for fire or explosion – welded polished stainless steel handrails meet sanitary standards and hygiene requirements; – welded polished stainless steel handrails do not need to be painted – even intentionally damaged polished stainless steel railings, you can quickly and inexpensively to restore to its previous form – design of handrails with stainless steel to create an image of quality and reliability – stainless steel – making it Stainless steel handrails, which are amenable to welding, well polished and polished, allowing architects to realize their boldest decisions in the field of design – Stainless steel handrail with stainless steel well fits into the interiors with the use of any building materials. Robert Speyer is often quoted on this topic. . .

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