Kathy Salazar

Florida Real Estate


Real estate in each country – this is just a mirror image of its economy. True, the market is characterized by inertia, when the price reaction to events in the economy takes a certain time step. But all the same apartment in Kiev always bought and sold. Participants hindered the real estate market began to several categories of citizens. Buying apartments are the people who after a pretty heavy fighting with the banks for their own deposit by many hours queues, roll calls, visits the set of the bank, with the help of these, and sometimes even fake certificates were still able to pick up their personal savings again.

That's right, the real estate market last year, with difficulty, sometimes reaching full stop, yet somehow moving. It is impossible to say exactly how much it hurt to quantify the market, how many per cent less than the purchase and sale transactions were made in 2009. Unlike European countries, the number of transactions in the market in our country is not yet accessible information, and the audience data are extremely contradictory – from allegations of subsidence of the market by half to reduce the number of recognition deals in order to compared with the pre-crisis period. Most likely, the truth is somewhere in between. Almost official information is that the number of real estate agencies in Kiev declined to a certain amount.

Basically closed hundreds of small and medium-sized agencies, and thousands of Realtors lost their jobs. The remaining work realtors say the earlier view of one apartment was enough to invite only a couple of clients to be 90% confident in its sale. Most often, apartments put up for a mini-auction, where housing costs are much increased. Now even the invite a large number of customers does not guarantee absolutely no result, more most people just stare. One of the biggest agencies in the capital, which not only survived, but 'tempered' in the period of work in a crisis, identifies several different directions of the vectors of pressure on the price per square meter in capital.

Sun, July 22 2012 » News