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Registration Ownership

In accordance with Russian legislation, any transaction related to real estate, or her registration in the property, subject to mandatory state registration. The essence of registration of ownership real estate is to record the relevant law in the State Register. What is it? First of all, the state registration law protects the interests of right holders, individuals or legal entities, in real estate. If there is no uniform system of accounting, it is difficult to confirm their rights and, accordingly, dispose of property, sell, donate, transfer of inheritance, etc. And secondly, in terms of state – is necessary to account for property and taxation. More recently, there have been times when the whole land and all property owned by the state. That is, there was no concept of the 'ownership for real estate. " Light structures, residential buildings and land engaged BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory).

Once these offices included in the structure of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, and then were transferred The Ministry of Construction. The only body that could answer the question 'Whose apartment? " were passport offices. Registration was a kind of registration rights. After the beginning of mass privatization of apartments on duty account of their legal origin has been assigned to BTI, although among office staff has never been legal. A sales transaction is confirmed only by a notary or by the federal agency, which referred real estate. In other words, it was right, and the accounting system was not right. Federal law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it 'and the introduction of the Single State Register of Rights to Real estate and related transactions (EGRP) in 1997 solved this problem. Since then, registration has become a mandatory procedure EGRP during real estate transactions and registration of property rights.

To date, EGRP contains information on all registered in Russia, real property, the transactions made, as well as rights and restrictions on property owners. There is such a thing as 'previously accrued right', that is, those rights which have been issued before the law came into force on registration. All property rights claimed in the period since 1991, when the privatization actively, to 1997, previously considered to arise and be recognized as legally valid. Their compulsory re-registration is required. Thus, pre-existing rights can be registered only at the request of their owners or if necessary, engaging in any transactions with an object, such as his pledge. Single register real property rights will be filled in as the objects will change their respective owners. Information on the registered right is open. Any citizen, provide proof of individuals and carried out the necessary formalities can obtain information about the property and all registered rights to it, including data on leases, mortgages, easements, arrests, and other transactions initiated restrictions and encumbrances. Similar information is available and legal representatives of legal entities. Registration of the real estate object and write to the Unified State Register is legally no more than 30 days. After this period, an applicant who passed the documents for registration of rights to receive a registration, or a reasoned refusal of it. And allowed a faster check-in, as the law establishes a maximum period of time.

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