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Security Credit

That is with a client take money for a solution question in advance, and then the problem is not solved, and refusing to give money. Hence, the first golden rule: money is paid only after the bank's credit committee, and if there is no trust at all, after receiving car. Another minus – if the client, for example, he asked "do" help, he should not blame others when on loan to him fit guys from the security services of the bank and asked to "go into the office." Consequently, The second rule: no forgery of documents. Banks also understand that the salary of the envelope is almost always, therefore, take into account the additional revenues, these borrowers in the form. Question – would you believe it? – is already on the broker. With respect to credit brokers, pure ". First, it must be professionals who, in addition to the customer the best selection of market conditions, should immediately identify the "problem points" credit application and figure out where to file this application as submitted and to know that there they can find common ground on this issue.

Secondly, as a rule, the services of such organizations to pay banks, insurance companies and sometimes even dealer. If the client is asked to pay, it is necessary that he clearly understood pays for what. A mortgage broker should be responsible, at least in part compliance with the terms of credit and its parameters. It is, accordingly, should be fixed contract, which will provide for the reduction or complete elimination of user fees the broker.

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