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Sensible Speed Of Windows 7

The results of measurements in the figures do not allow to understand the true state of affairs. The speed of the new operating system, Windows 7 seems higher subjective – as personalnh computers with two-and chetyreh-core processors, and on netbooks. Even the last with the operating system, Windows 7 behind the test on the performance of their fellow with Windows Vista. This significant increase in speed can be explained as follows: the user is required perform much less action, for example, to re-open the document or start playing a music file, the function User Account Control (UAC) in "Seven" is much less annoying issue with windows warnings than the operating system Windows Vista; Windows Vista often retarding: even at the end of the process of copying or removing a window with information on the progress of its implementation has been open and prevented further work on the pc. Stephen M. Ross has similar goals. A right-clicking on the icon of the file, the user often had to wait until the operating system performs the specified action. Windows 7 is devoid of these shortcomings. Council. Before moving to Windows 7 update their programs to the most the latest version before installing any of the Seven download from the Internet last installation file. It is best to keep the files on your desktop – then when you book your data they will also be automatically reserved, and the program will be put immediately after reinstalling the Windows operating system and copy the saved data.

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