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Small Africa

The blacks proceeding from the bahian Recncavo, motivated for better conditions of life and work in the port zone, had dislocated themselves for Rio De Janeiro in the end of century XIX, loading obtain the predominantly matriarcais characteristics of its culture, having in its epicenter the bahian aunts, who played a role of sustentculo of this black community, known as Small Africa of candombl (given name the celebration of this religion) always badly visas. When the policy passed, the chores touched more high so that the row in the deep one of the house was not perceived. Making mention to this> Row in the Kitchen, recorded in 1968 in intitled LP People of Old with participation of Pixinguinha and Clementina de Jesus, who says: Row in the kitchen sinh does not want because of the row I broke the foot, make reference to reference the place of fetichism, where the meetings happened. With respect to this daily one, we could not leave to mention more famous and respected bahian aunt of the samba history, Hilria Baptist of Almeida, the Aunt Ciata, faithful representative of the Carioca reality, that arrived the city in 1876 and was worried in keeping living creature the daily ritual that practised in the Bahia. Being mother-of-saint and famous cook, its main craft directed toward barraquinha that vendia typical foods of its land.

For Aunt Ciata and all bahian aunts was normal to pass the day dressed and decorated with necklaces, bracelets and cloths in the head. This characterization was basic for its recognition in the streets. In the illustration below, we notice the value of the indumentria for> maintenance and transmission of the traditional image brought of the bahian Recncavo. It agrees to detach that, the occupation downtown of Rio De Janeiro for the classrooms most humble, was not concentrated in the port zone, if expanded for the outskirts of Square Fifteen of November, passing for Square Eleven of June (official name, in mandate to the naval battle of the Riachuelo, episode of the War of Paraguay), the railroad station D.PedroII (current Central office of Brazil) and arriving until the Prainha (current Mau Square).

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