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Steel Building Issues

After dialing concrete joints 70% of its design strength in the longitudinal channels shell was got prestressing steel, made its tension and the injection of concrete channels. shell with jacks lowered into the project position on the columns, and liberated scaffold rolled into the next section. Labor costs for installation of shells was 1.52 man-h per 1 m2 due to the fact that the installation of labor-intensive exercise such as tension reinforcement for concrete and mortar injections into the channels, and the installation was carried out on scaffolding with advanced Pre-assembly. Another construction of long cylindrical shells measuring 24 X 12 m, collected from curved plates 3 X 12 m, stacked on prestressed girders-board elements, mounted in Leningrad and Achinsk. Installation is carried out in the following order. The columns were installed on-board items that the period of erection propped up temporary stands in the quarters of the span.

After that, the side elements are stacked cylindrical plate. The ends of the bottom plate previously escalated with the end prestressed bongs, medium plate supplied with temporary steel puffs of round steel. After alignment of all elements, welding issues and mortgages parts hardwired-valis all longitudinal and transverse seams. After curing concrete stitches temporary stands and tightening steel plates were removed. Labor costs for this method of mounting was 0.36 people. h per 1 m2. A similar mounting method has been applied in Pskov for shells of double curvature measuring 18 X 12 m, collected from cylindrical slabs 3 X 12 m, stacked on diaphragms arch type.

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