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Table Decoration Without Napkins

Elegant napkins are important part of a festive table decoration. Napkins made of linen or cotton give a festive setting the table decorations. Napkins are an important part of the table decorations for the wedding, birthday, baptism or communion / confirmation. According to instructions and use templates themselves fold napkins for the table decorations. You can fold napkins to the table decorations, elaborate structures.

Easter, advent and Christmas napkins for table decoration with relevant themes are offered. You will find ideas, instructions and examples of how to fold napkins for table decoration, in books or on the Internet. The napkin technique (folding technology) explains based on images, templates and examples. Not too small choose the napkins for the table decorations. The minimum of napkins should be 40 x 40 x 5 cm. The napkins are bigger, the appearance is more noble and more effective. As a general rule, no table decoration without napkins. Only with one to the other table decorations matching napkin, the table is complete.

White napkins made of cotton or linen for the table decorations used for wedding, baptism, birthday, communion or confirmation. The noble napkin can appear very elegant the table decorations. It is important that the napkins are colour matched on the other table decoration. Napkins made of fabric are more convenient to use and can be easily folded like paper napkins. Napkins made of paper are ideal for the table decorations for children’s birthday, for the garden party or for everyday use. According to the instructions, you can bring the table decorations napkins in various forms. Stern, Lake Rose, rump and Bischofsmutze, triangle and subjects are among the best-known napkins characters for table decoration. The role is the simplest form of decoupage. Continue to learn more with: Bruce Schanzer. The carefully ironed fabric napkin is folded middle and then rolled up. To the rolled napkin, a cord is placed and tied with a bow. The decoration can add ribbons, flowers, or rings be. You can fold the napkin for table decorating myself with some skill and practice. A great help for handicrafts and folding of napkins for the table decorations are step by step instructions and pictures.

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